Creating unparalleled value for our employees, clients, and communities

Our Companies

  • Veritas Gas Processing provides engineering, design, fabrication, and assembly of cryogenic gas processing plants, NGL fractionation, crude oil stabilization, and other midstream related processing equipment. In the past 25 years, the owners of Veritas have been involved in the engineering and design, fabrication and assembly, and installation of over 30 projects.

  • Vulcan Field Construction delivers expert project management and installation teams to complete the construction, commissioning, and start-up of Veritas-designed and fabricated cryogenic gas processing plants, as well as project management and installation teams for other gas processing plant projects.

  • Vanguard Processing Solutions offers specialized staffing services, including cryogenic plant operators, mechanics, and instrumentation and electrical technicians, for operating Veritas-designed and fabricated cryogenic gas processing plants. Our team engineers and designs the highest quality plants and knows them better than anyone else, making us the perfect operating partner.

  • Viking Dew Point Conditioning provides mechanical refrigeration units (MRU's) to clients looking for a leasing option to reduce the hydrocarbon dew point of gas to meet pipeline specifications. Our team of professionals reviews inlet gas analyses and conditions, performs process simulations, and determines the right equipment to meet our clients' specifications.

Our Leadership Team

Our History

For over 40 years, Jon Jasper has been passionate about solving problems within the hydrocarbon industry. In 1992, this passion, and his belief that he could solve these problems better than anyone else, led him to the creation of Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Inc (EPC). As a company, we realize organizations must continually adapt in order to survive and remain profitable in the long term, so in 2016 EPC restructured the current organization to gain a stronger foothold for the future and to expand into new lines of business:

Veritas Gas Processing, LP

Engineering, design, fabrication, and assembly of cryogenic gas processing plants, crude oil stabilization, NGL fractionation, and other midstream related processing equipment

Vulcan Field Construction, LP

Installation and construction of Veritas designed and fabricated cryogenic gas processing plants

Vanguard Processing Solutions, LP

Operation of cryogenic gas processing plants

Viking Dew Point Conditioning, LP

Providing temporary gas plant and conditioning equipment to clients either through lease or purchase

Ultimately, we want to build the same reputation and quality products and services in each of these businesses that our clients have grown to expect with EPC.

  • Our

    We are a Christ-centered family of companies creating unparalleled value for our employees, clients and communities.

  • Our

    We serve the midstream oil and gas industry by providing customized, cost-effective, full-service solutions in the areas of engineering, design, construction, installation, operations and leasing.

  • Our

    Integrity – We are devoted to honest and transparent business practices.

    Service – We cultivate a spirit of service toward one another, our clients and our community.

    Excellence – We strive to do things right the first time.

    Responsiveness – We address needs and react quickly.

    Innovation – We promote creative thinking, imaginative solutions and continuous learning.

    Ownership – We encourage every employee to think like an owner.

  • Critical

    Right people – We recruit, maintain and develop a highly motivated, specialized team.

    Client Focused – We provide high-quality, customized solutions to our clients.

    Collaboration – We work together to identify and leverage synergistic activity.

    Efficiency – We pursue opportunities to accomplish our mission without wasting materials, time, energy or money – and we pass those savings on to our clients.

    Compliance – We abide by industry standards and regulations, with an emphasis on safety.

    Right partners – We align ourselves with business and community partners that share our values.


Jasper Designed & Built Plants

Kingfisher, OK – Installed June 2015 New 60 MMSCFD Cryogenic Gas Plant, Ex-Works.

This plant is designed for rich gas (7.0 gal/mscf), high ethane recovery, 99% propane recovery, and includes: Product treating system, product pumps and 15,000 gallon product surge tank Modular MCC building 1,400 HP refrigeration system I/A system Ethane rejection capability Low re-compression requirement 1,100 psig and 400 psig design pressure on high pressure and low pressure sides, respectively

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