Newly Completed 200 MMSCFD in Delaware Basin


Vulcan Field Construction has completed construction of a Veritas designed and fabricated 200 MMSCFD cryogenic gas processing, inlet compression and TEG dehydration facility in the Delaware Basin. This plant is in the same location as one of our previously completed 60 MMSCFD Cryo Plants; Vanguard Processing Solutions is operating both as a single facility.

Completion Date: April 2018

This plant is designed for rich Delaware Basin shale gas (7.0 gal/mscf), 90% ethane recovery, 99+% propane recovery, and includes: Product pumps (1,300 psig discharge pressure), and 30,000 gallon product surge tank Modular MCC building, with 480 volt MCC and 4,160 volt soft starts for three 1,250 HP motors 4,500 HP refrigeration system I/A system Ethane rejection capability Low re-compression requirement 1,100 psig and 400 psig design pressure on high pressure and low pressure sides, respectively The high pressure hydrocarbon condensate stabilization system and residue gas compressors are not included. The condensate stabilization system can be added at extra cost, without extending equipment completion schedule.

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