Triple Crowned

Article from the Jasper Journal 4th Quarter 2018
Written by: Chelsea Hays

We have had a remarkable year of growth here at Jasper Ventures, gaining several new employees, new buildings, new projects, and even new partnerships. Knowing that this was a big year, our incredible leadership and hard-working employees stepped up to the plate and made this a company we are all very proud of. And we weren’t the only ones that took notice; Jasper Ventures was awarded three different Business of the Year awards in 2018!

In April, the Troup Chamber of Commerce honored Veritas Gas Processing with the Business of the Year award. This award came just one year after reopening its doors after a major renovation and adding over 20 new employees. What an accomplishment! The Troup facility continues to update and grow. We know these ongoing improvements are a true sign of the great work our employees do at that fabrication shop.

George Starkey, Richard Kile, Tonya Smith, Lance Strickland, and Shawn Forgy
at the Troup Chamber of Commerce banquet

Fast-forward to October, when the Whitehouse Area Chamber of Commerce surprised Jasper Ventures with the Business of the Year award at its annual banquet. This was a wonderful night for the city of Whitehouse to celebrate its local businesses, organizations, and people. With our town thriving in so many areas, it was an honor to be awarded Business of the Year!

Mike Glover, Kenny Cantrell, Pete Hines, Richard Kile, and Melissa Hines at
the Whitehouse Chamber of Commerce banquet

To round out the Triple Crown, Jasper Ventures received the Large Business of the Year award from the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce. This was a great privilege considering the immense growth our company has experienced over the past year. Receiving this award shined a spotlight on our hard work and incredible employees.

Vice President of People Carrie-Ann Jasper-Yearty said, “In reality, what really makes our company amazing is our people and what they do day in and day out to make this company the best place to work.” Our employees absolutely deserved the recognition they earned this year!

Jasper Ventures President, Brent Jasper, accepting the “Large Business of the Year”
award from the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce


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