Department Spotlight:
Field Construction

Written by: Jim Newberg
I&E Manager

Field Construction is a team of rarely seen, hard-working individuals that make up Vulcan, the construction division of Jasper Ventures. This team starts with a completely barren piece of surveyed land then takes the engineered and designed concepts along with prefabricated parts and equipment to create a finished plant.

The plant starts with foundations that are carefully placed to support the shop-assembled modules and process equipment. The construction team assembles all the piping and interconnects the modules and process equipment. Construction culminates in the commissioning and start-up of the plant. This critical process involves inspections and thorough testing – including pressure testing and hydro-testing – to ensure the plant is brought online efficiently and safely.

At its peak, a typical Vulcan project will involve up to 75 employees on site. This includes craft labor as well as field administrators, HSE, and supervision.

Jasper Ventures’ ability to install its own plants provides an advantage over many competitors who contract their plant construction. This comprehensive construction team allows Jasper Ventures to offer a true and complete turnkey EPC solution. With our own crews to install our plants, each build installation becomes seamless and more efficient. As one team, we are able to respond to challenges quickly, removing unnecessary layers of interaction for our customers.

Field Construction is intrusive by nature. Construction involves conducting statistically dangerous work on our customers’ sites. This team must partner with our customers in the process to ensure we are in compliance with their policies and procedures. An in-house Field Construction division allows interface with a single project manager, creating a more positive relationship with our customers. Our customers have many challenges – such as permits, pipelines, and electrical power – they are required to coordinate to bring the gas into the plant. By offering a true turnkey EPC solution, we can assume much of the burden of responsibility for them.

Many employees never get the opportunity to travel to the field to meet these amazing and hard-working individuals. This team performs at the highest level in tough conditions and right in front of the customer every day. Without these talented individuals our plants and projects would not be the successes they are.

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