Department Spotlight: Warehouse

Written by Jim Newberg
I&E Manager

To many, it’s just a big building at our Troup facility. But Distribution and Logistics Manager Dave Campbell and Warehouse Foreman Jessica Staples consider the new 30,0000-square-foot warehouse a true blessing. You might think from the building’s size that it’s run by an army of employees. So it comes as a surprise to most to learn that it’s team of just ten people, working hard to manage the large footprint and hundreds of thousands of pieces that flow through the facility each day.
It doesn’t surprise anyone, however, that Jessica was awarded a values award for innovation. Her team must constantly adapt to the changes that come with Jasper Ventures’ growth, and she leads the way in developing creative efficiencies that keep operations running smoothly.

The warehouse team receives every piece that flows through the Troup shop. Here’s a little perspective on the process she oversees: the team receives over 8,000 pallets from one vendor alone. Those pallets hold more than 200,000 fittings and valves. The parts are carefully inspected, counted, and received. They are moved to locations in the warehouse until they are ready to be kitted. Once work packages move to the warehouse, the team methodically kits the thousands of parts by area. They store the parts in the staging area and get them ready to move to production. The warehouse is responsible for keeping a steady stream of parts flowing through the production shops and field locations.

The warehouse team not only feeds parts to our internal departments, they are responsible for the logistics of all pieces moving to our subcontractors. These pieces can include protective coatings, fabricated pipe, and much more.
Logistics and transportation are also a large part of the warehouse workload. The team is responsible for ensuring that all pieces move internally but also externally. In 2019, the warehouse handled 893 inbound/outbound loads, including 123 permitted outbound loads. These larger permitted loads are not only difficult but would not be possible without the help of the assembly department.

The warehouse is the heart of the Troup facility. Their success relies on cooperation and collaboration within every department and facility. They work diligently to ensure that every person gets the correct parts on time. Without this dedicated team, Jasper Ventures’ growth, reliability and efficiency would not be possible.


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