World-class ex-works projects to meet your requirements

You provide the specs and we’ll build a plant to meet them.

How Each Aspect of Our Ex-Works Solution Benefits You

EPC Cryo Plant


100+ years of Process Engineering experience on staff to make sure our plants will meet your needs.

EPC Natural Gas Plant Manufacturer


We’ve built a robust partner network over our 29 years in the business.

Cryogenic Plant Manufacturer


All of our fabrication takes place in our world class facility in Troup, TX. 

Ex-Works Cryogenic Plant Manufacturer




Innovative approach to building solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.



Streamlined designs that provide efficient operations and optimize customer ROI.

Ex-Works Gas Processing Solution




A robust network of partners based on 29 years of doing business the right way.



Our growth has provided sufficient volume allowing us to leverage preferred pricing and terms.

Ex-Works Natural Gas Plants
Ex-Works Natural Gas Plant Construction



Trial Fitted

We trial fit all of our modules on our facility before we disassemble and ship to you for installation.



All of our instrumentation and electrical is checked out and function tested before it leaves our plant.

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What People Say

“We have worked with Jasper Ventures on three large projects and are in the initial stages of our fourth.  Each project has been a great experience from start to finish and we expect the same result for the current project”

COO, San Mateo Midstream

Project FAQs

No one likes digging to find what they want, so here are the answers to the most common questions we get.

Do you engineer, design, fabricate, and construct other kinds of gas processing equipment?

Yes. Some turnkey providers simply purchase and resell one-size-fits-all processing modules, but Jasper Ventures engineers, designs and fabricates equipment to meet your specific needs. For you, that means top-quality, tailor made gas processing equipment (e.g. Amine, Stablization, etc) at the best possible price.

Will I be passed around to different project managers at different stages of my project?

No. You will work with the same project manager from the start of your project through its completion.

Can we hire Jasper Ventures to operate our plant upon completion?

Yes. In short, if it’s our plant, we’ll operate it for you. Vanguard Processing is the Jasper Ventures business unit that lets you opt to have us operate a Jasper facility for you. We currently operate two plants for our customers and this endeavor has proven invaluable because it creates a closed feedback loop into the engineering and design of our solutions.

We have a short term gas processing need. Does Jasper Ventures offer any leasing solutions?

Yes. Our Viking Dew Point Conditioning business unit has multiple 6 and 25 MMSCF/D MRUs ready for lease. And these units can be deployed in the field VERY quickly to get you up and running in no time.

We purchased a Cryo plant from another provider. Now, we just need field installation. Does Jasper do that?

Yes. While Jasper’s turnkey solution provides better schedules, reduced headache, and higher ROI, our field construction operating company, Vulcan Field Construction, has installed quite a number of 3rd-party cryo plants.

Which basins has Jasper worked in?

In the more than 27 years of business, Jasper Ventures (previously EPC, Inc.) has completed projects in pretty much every basin in the continental U.S. That includes the Permian, SCOOP/STACK, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Haynesville and Marcellus-Utica.


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