Facilities update


Article from the Jasper Journal 2nd Quarter 2019
Written by: Les Campbell

Does anyone remember the good old days – back in 2016? We were designing our “new” 6,000+ square foot office space in Whitehouse, and we closed on what was known at the time as the Challenger facility in Troup, with 17 acres and 60,000+ of enclosed workspace. We thought to ourselves, “We have more than enough space and capacity than we’ll ever need! What are we going to do with White Oak? We can’t possibly need all of that plant capacity, right?” 

That seems like ancient history, but in reality it was less than 2 ½ years ago.

Our industry, customers, and subsequently our company have been blessed over the past several years. Our Whitehouse office staff had already outgrown its shiny new office building even before it opened in May 2018. And anyone who’s been out to Troup or White Oak over the past year knows that we’ve utilized every square foot of space we have. As a result, we’ve continued to expand our facilities’ footprint. 

We closed on an additional four-plus acres in Whitehouse and are working with Fitzpatrick Architects and RPR Construction to design and build an additional 9,000 square feet of office space. This will primarily serve as the long-term home for our design and drafting department and will also be used to host a variety of large company and community events. During the construction phase, the drafting department has moved to a renovated office building across the railroad tracks from our existing campus at 308 Troup Hwy in Whitehouse. Estimated move-in date for the new Whitehouse office space is spring 2020. 

When that phase of the campus expansion is complete, we will renovate the original Whitehouse office space (the old church) to give it same look and feel as our new building. It will serve as the home for our critical shared support functions like people, finance and accounting, marketing, and procurement.

Additionally, we closed on four acres adjacent to our Troup plant and are close to completing a large 38,000 square foot warehouse space that will include a 2,000 square-foot break room large enough to hold site events. This warehouse will allow us to convert the existing warehouse to a swing area that can be used as a pipe shop or a structural shop, depending upon customer demand.  

We will enclose the area between the two existing pipe shops, allowing pipe cutting to be done under one roof going forward. We expect the new warehouse will be up and running by June 2019. The additional acreage allows for considerably more assembly space as we continue to build larger and more gas processing solutions for our customers.

The Jasper Ventures executive team is committed to making sure that our facilities are world-class places we can all be proud to work each day and that are suited to complete the work at hand.

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