Short-term gas processing solutions

We have multiple mechanical refrigeration units (MRU) engineered, designed and fabricated to meet your short-term gas processing needs.

25 MMSCF/D MRU (J409)

These units are designed to maximize efficiency while removing the heavier hydrocarbons from the inlet gas stream, thus creating a pipeline quality residue gas and marketable NGL product.

Natural Gas MRUs for Sale

25 MMSCF/D MRU (J413)

These units include a methanol injection system for freeze control and are provided with a multi-stage R507 refrigeration system that is self-monitoring and controlled. 

Why Jasper MRUs?

EPC Cryo Plant


Our MRUs are designed and built using the same high standards and materials as a full cryo plant, ensuring longevity and reliability.
EPC Natural Gas Plant Manufacturer


Field deployment for these units can be done in less than a week once your site is prepared.

Cryogenic Plant Manufacturer


We perform a custom gas process evaluation for every opportunity.

Our Latest MRU Projects

What People Say

“We have worked with Jasper Ventures on three large projects and are in the initial stages of our fourth.  Each project has been a great experience from start to finish and we expect the same result for the current project”

COO, San Mateo Midstream

Mechanical Refrigeration Unit FAQs

No one likes digging to find what they want, so here are the answers to the most common questions we get.

Can Jasper engineer, design, fabricate, and construct our natural gas plant?

Yes. While we do lease (and sell) mechanical refrigeration units, turnkey natural gas processing plants are our bread and butter. That said, if you’re committed to a field construction company, we provide ex-works solutions that include engineering, procurement, and fabrication. On the other hand, if you already have a cryo plant, one of our field construction teams can get your plant built on your site.

Which basins has Jasper worked in?

In the more than 27 years in business Jasper Ventures (and previous as EPC Inc.) has completed projects in pretty much every basin in the continental U.S. That includes the Permian, SCOOP/STACK, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Haynesville and Marcellus-Utica.

Can we hire Jasper Ventures to operate our plant upon completion?

Yes. Vanguard Processing is the Jasper Ventures business unit that gives you the option to have us operate a Jasper facility for you after start-up. We currently operate two plants for our customers and this endeavor has proven invaluable because it creates a closed feedback loop into the engineering and design of our solutions.

We have a short term gas processing need. Does Jasper Ventures offer any leasing solutions?

Yes. Our 6 and 25 MMSCF/D MRUs are ready for lease. These units can be deployed in the field VERY quickly to get you up and running.

Your short-term gas processing solution doesn’t have to be lower quality than your cryo plant

We know that whether processing 6 MMSCF/D or 200 MMSCF/D, challenges in gas processing can drain resources and take the focus off of your operations. So, we build our MRUs to last. For you, that means less troubleshooting and the kind of ROI you expect.