Volunteering at Buckner International


On Tuesday, several ladies from Jasper Ventures joyfully made a trip to Buckner International, in Longview, to help with their upcoming Christmas efforts by organizing and wrapping gifts. To learn more about Buckner visit http://www.buckner.org/longview/

Buckner International is a global ministry dedicated to the transformation and restoration of the lives we serve. We are a Christ-centered organization that delivers redemptive ministry to the most vulnerable from the beginning to the ending of life.
Buckner Family Hope Centers are child-centered, family-focused places where families go to find hope, support and empowerment in their community to reach their fullest God-given potential. The key to the Family Hope Center’s success is found in combining effective programs and passionate people to help families that are experiencing poverty, family issues and lack of services.

Buckner programs seek to engage through family assistance and community events; equip families through education, financial empowerment, child and youth development and spiritual development; elevate families through family coaching, counseling and spiritual enrichment.

For more information about the variety of services offered through the Buckner Hope Center, call 903-757-9383.

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