About Jasper

Jasper Ventures, Inc. is a family-owned business dedicated not only to building world-class gas processing solutions for our customers. We do so in a way that serves God’s Kingdom and impacts the lives of those around us.
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How We Started & Where We’re Going

For over 50 years, Jon Jasper has been passionate about solving problems within the hydrocarbon industry. In 1992, this passion, and his belief that he could solve these problems better than anyone else, led him to the creation of Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Inc (EPC). From the beginning, we have worked hard to make the changes necessary to provide our clients with industry-leading service. As part of that effort, EPC was restructured in 2016 into the current Jasper Ventures family of companies. As a result, Jasper Ventures, Inc. clients receive more comprehensive services than ever before.

Years Established

Major Projects

Jasper Ventures Natural Gas Projects Map

The Jasper Family of Companies

Veritas Gas Processing
Veritas Gas Processing is the division of Jasper Ventures, Inc. that handles our engineering, design, fabrication and assembly of midstream-related processing equipment.
Vulcan Field Construction
Vulcan Field Construction installs and constructs Veritas-designed and fabricated cryogenic gas processing plants and 3rd-party natural gas processing plants.
Vanguard Processing Solutions
Vanguard Processing Solutions will operate and maintain Veritas-supplied natural gas processing plants. Full-service, turnkey gas processing on another level. 
Veritas Gas Processing
Viking Dew Point Conditioning leases mechanical refrigeration units (MRUs) to help clients meet their short and long-term business needs. Find the one that’s right for you. 

We strive to build the same reputation and quality products and services in each of these businesses that our clients have grown to expect with Jasper Ventures, Inc. for 31 years.


At Jasper Ventures, Inc., we see our workplace as our mission field. Our work is a chance for us to serve God’s kingdom.

Mission Statement

Offering the oil and gas industry an unmatched service experience through world-class turnkey solutions.


Delivering solutions. Impacting lives.

Our Core Values

Integrity Core Value


Behaving honorably, even when no one is watching.
Responsiveness Core Value


Meeting needs and solving problems in a timely and professional manner.
Service Core Value


Considering others’ interests as more important than our own.
Ownership Core Value


Faithfully managing what God has entrusted to us.
Excellence Core Value


Doing our best work efficiently and safely, and expecting the same from those around us.
Service Core Value


Encouraging and applauding the exploration of new ideas and creative solutions.

Our Leadership




Vice President of People


Vice President of Shared Services


CFO & General Counsel

Julie Doucet

Vice President of Engineering

Shawn Forgy

Vice President of Operations

JON JASPER (1947-2023)

Founder, Father, Poppie & Friend