Jasper Ventures Continues Growing…

Written by: Les Campbell

Does anyone remember the good old days?  I’m talking about way in 2016?   The leadership team at Jasper Ventures were busy designing our “new” 6,000+ square foot office space in Whitehouse, TX, and we had just closed on what was known at the time as the Challenger facility in Troup which had 17+ acres and 60,000+ sq/ft of enclosed workspace.  We thought to ourselves, “What will we do with all of this space?  We have more than enough capacity than we’ll ever need!?!?!”

That seems like ancient history, but in reality it was 2 ½ years ago.

Our industry, customers, and subsequently our company have been blessed over the past several years. Our Whitehouse office staff had already outgrown its shiny new office building even before we moved in in May 2018.  And anyone who’s been out to the Troup fabrication facility over the past year knows that we’ve utilized every square foot of space we have. In order to keep up with our customer’s demand we’ve continued to invest and expand our facilities’ footprint. 

In early 2018 we closed on an additional 4+ acres adjacent to our existing offices in Whitehouse and are working with Fitzpatrick Architects and RPR Construction to design and build an additional 9,000 square feet of office and community space.  We broke ground on this project just last week.  What will be building #3 will primarily serve as the long-term home for our design and drafting department and building #4 has been designed as a multi-use facility that will be used to host a variety of events not just for our company’s use, but also for other organizations in the Whitehouse community. Estimated move-in date for the new Whitehouse office space is spring 2020. 

During that same time frame we also closed on an additional 4+ acres adjacent to our Troup fabrication facility.  As you’ll note in the accompanying video we are close to completing a 37,500 sq/foot warehouse space that will allow us to do a better job of managing the flow of inventory through our facility thereby allowing us to better meet the gas processing needs of our customers.  This project has also allowed us to utilize a large portion of the existing property that was previously unutilized for additional lay down and assembly space.    Lastly, we have enclosed the area that previously stood between two independent pipe shops on the property.  Doing so has created a 440 ft long contiguous pipe shop allowing us to better manage the flow of pipe through the 32 welding stations inside and significantly increase our capacity.

As referenced above Jasper Ventures has been blessed with great customers and continued demand for larger, more efficient and cost effective gas processing solutions and the Jasper Ventures executive team remains committed to making sure that our facilities are world-class places we can all be proud to work each day and that are suited to complete the work at hand.